New categories and content for the Sandbox!

There are five new categories in the Sandbox: Activities, Civics, Family, Health, and Work have joined the original  nine.

37 new content packages have been added to the Sandbox!

The Sandbox and Kiosk are separate projects. But many of the initial uploads for the Sandbox have been focused on making audio content available.

But the scope of the Sandbox project has always been broader than that! It is a place for ESL teacher sharing and collaboration across all classes of teaching materials.

The new content includes mostly “documents”- Exercise sheets, classroom activities, reference materials.

For Kiosk users, there is one new package with audio: “Work hours in the U.S.” This piece (from VOA) is an article dealing with work-life. You can access the package through either the “Articles” or “Work” categories.

A few more audio packages are on their way over the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to leverage your own creative talent and submit materials to share with others. See the “Submitting content for the Sandbox” article in this news section, or just click the “Share Content” option on the Sandbox menu bar for more information.


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