About this page

The Open-ESL.org “News & Updates” page is the place where you can read all about updates and planning regarding Open-ESL.org.
For the moment, the focus areas are:

  • The ESL Listening Kiosk (https://www.open-esl.org/Kiosk)
    • Notification about new software releases
    • Information about support for hardware variations
    • Updates to documentation
  • The “Sandbox” (https://www.open-esl.org/Sandbox)
    • New content notices
    • Format update information
    • Upcoming structural changes to add search and content filtering capabilities

This site automatically adapts to different screen sizes, so it should be just as readable on your SmartPhone as on your computer screen! Set a bookmark!

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. I am trying to enable a “safe” comment mechanism so that you can add your “two cents” about news/update items.
(unfortunately, uncontrolled comment sections on sites like this end up being hijacked by sleazy commercial sites advertising hair-loss tonics etc.)
In the meantime, feel free to send a note via email to: Peter.Schmitt@Open-ESL.org



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