Submitting content for the “Sandbox”

Documentation has been added to explain the (interim) process for submitting creative content to the Sandbox. It comes down to a three step process.

Just go to ““.

That is also one of the first pages added using a new format that will ultimately roll out to the rest of the site.

The “Submit Content” page provides some details about what kinds of content the Sandbox can “host”. It also explains a bit about copyrights etc.

There is a downloadable MS-Word “form” to capture needed information about the content.

I mentioned that this is an “interim” process. There is more work ahead as the site moves to make the process more “automated”.

In the meantime, take a look, and share your thoughts!

The submission form asks for a variety of information to categorize the content. This is to support future “searching” functionality to help users zero-in on content that will meet their needs.

Many of the field are optional. There is a trade off between maximizing search possibilities, and overwhelming the submitter with the process.

So, consider this stage an RFC (request for comments).



Note: Sharp-eyed users will note three distinct styles to pages on the site, based on when they were created. The oldest pages lack any navigation menu-bar. (Bad!! Bad!) The next generation has a menu-bar… but behind the scenes, each page has a custom menu-bar. The newest pages have a shared menu-bar that will make site maintenance MUCH easier! As time permits, all pages will be updated.

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