Kiosk Documentation Addition: “Loading Class Audio Files From Kiosk Repositories”

There are two audio file “repositories” accessible from within the Kiosk itself. One holds over twenty “ready-made” audio files that a teacher can freely use. The other holds all files that teachers using the Kiosk have loaded using the USB flash drive. These stay in the repository, even after the teacher has removed them from the class’s set of active files.

Documentation on how to use the repositories can be accessed from the Kiosk Documentation web page. Both web and PDF versions of the document are available.

For your convenience, here is a direct link:

By the way, this new document page should display well on both desktops and mobile devices such as SmartPhone. Please let me know how that works for you!

As always, be sure to report any problems with the documentation, including any needed corrections!


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