Content that can be shared on

Content to be submitted as a single "PDF" file. If the file has multiple sections then include an initial "contents" page.

Documents can include any combination of:
  • Text
  • Drawings
  • Photographs
This content is suitable as:
  • Worksheets
  • Study sheets
  • Matrial to supplement Audio / Video / Web
  • Teacher notes / answers
Also submit a "source" file in either:
  • MS-Word format
    (.doc or .docx)
  • OpenDocument format
(Needed if derivitive works are allowed)
Content to be submitted in MP3 format.

Audio can be:
  • Used in the classroom
  • Uploaded to an Internet podcast server
  • Used with Audio "Kiosk" system
Some common uses of audio include:
  • Dictation
  • "Partial" Dictation (Some words or phrases are missing and students must listen for the absent words.)
  • Stories
  • Pronunciation guide for new vocabulary
  • General listening practice
In addition to the MP3 file, you may optionally submit "WAV" and "OGG" versions. These are used for the preview copy and by anyone who may want to place the content on "HTML5" style web page.

It is almost always a good idea to provide a document to supplement the audio material. This may include comprehension questions, or in the case of a dictation the written text to ease the teacher's task.

Multiple Audio Versions In certain circumstances multiple versions of audio content may be provided from the sandbox site. Examples where this may be worthwhile include:
  • Pacing options: such as when you might offer one version at "normal" speed, and another at a slower tempo.
  • Full vs. "partial" dictation. Full dictation normally has each sentence read multiple times. In contrast, a partial dictation is usually read straight through.
When multiple versions are offerred, the file names should have "_1", "_2" etc added to the base filename.
Standards for video formats to be supported on this site are under development.

To be determined:
  • File types
  • Screen resolutions
To check status of these efforts, you can check the News/Updates web site. There is also a "subscription" link on that page so that you can receive email notifications of changes as they occur.
Sharable web content is a way for other educators to copy and use the entire content and functionality of a web page.
This content is NOT merely the sharing of web links.

Creation of this type of content can require a more advanced level of skill than documents, audio, or video.

The collection of files that comprise the web page should be packaged as a zip file to facilitate the download process.

All needed files should be included within the zip file so that no external links are required.

The web content may have dependencies that require the presence of plugins or helper applications within a web browser. These might include:
  • Java
  • Flash
Keep in mind that users may want to access web content from browsers on SmartPhones and Tablets as well as from desktop or notebook computers.
There is, however, no requirement that posted web content support all possible combinations of browser software and hardware devices.

Users should be able to either:
  • Copy the files onto a classroom computer and run the page from that computer. (Without needing a network connection).
  • Add the files to a web server so that the page can be accessed from a collection of computers, including devices connected over the Internet.
Some content types for this include:
  • PowerPoint presentations that have been converted to web content.
  • Quiz sessions created with "Hot Potato" or similar tools.
PowerPoint presentations are a deservedly popular method to present information to students or to other educators.
Slideshows built using PowerPoint can also have value when viewed by individual, or groups of students.

However, a number of factors limit the "sharability" of these presentations. To provide maximum usability across a variety of systems, PowerPoint presentations should be converted to either Web-Pages, or Videos.

The original PowerPoint presentation should then be also included as the "source" for the Web-Page or Video.

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Lions, and tigers, and copyrights! Oh my!

Your work is automatically copyrighted as soon as it has been created. How can you ensure that your work is freely sharable?

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The Submission Form:

The current process uses a MS-Word format fillable form. If you experience problems using the form, please contact

There is also an instruction sheet in PDF format.

Submit via Email

Once the content files have been prepared, and you have filled out the submission form, you can attach all that to an email message, and send it to:

The files will be placed in a special temporary Internet location.
Be patient! That part of the process may take a while!
You will then be sent a link via email. Use the link to review the files and their presentation.