Four National Parks in Utah (A00122)

Information "Four National Parks in Utah" is an adaptation of material from VOA. The narrative talks about "Arches", "Canyonlands", "Bryce Canyon", and "Zion" National Parks.

Topic: Four National Parks in Utah

Audience: SPL 2-3 (Also testing new Web page design)

SPL: 3 - 4

Document: Transcript and Fill-Gap exercise

Audio: Narration: 6:20 track

Video: None

Web: Travel slideshow with musical soundtrack. This has maps and colorful photos of the parks. (HTML5)


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Credits: Audio and narrative come from VOA. The original material was re-edited by Peter Schmitt.

Source website:

Images in Web materials are individually credited within the slide show. The audio track for the slide show is by "Pitx" (

Copyright: Audio and narrative- VOA matrial is not protected by copyright.

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Musical track that provides background for Web material was released under Creative Commons conditions.

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