This is a version of the well known parable that comes to us from the Indian sub-continent. The ESL package here includes a "partial dictation" (fill in missing words) as well as a dozen vocabulary words presented in the form of a "Flash Sheet". (This is a format that uses images to help convey the meaning of the words. It is designed to be printed double-sided so that a student can choose to just use it as a study sheet, or the printed copy can be cut up into flash cards with the picture on one side and the printed word on the other.) The package includes an audio track that can be distributed to student mp3 players. There there are also two browser-viewable "slide shows" derived from PowerPoint presentations. They present the story itself and the vocabulary. These could be shown using LCD projector in class.

Topic: A Parable- The Blind Men and the Elephant

Audience: All

SPL: 2 - 5

Document: "Partial Dictation" and "Flash sheet" visual vocabulary document

Audio: Narration: 2:38 track

Video: None

Web: Browser versions of both the story and vocabulary words/images:

  • Option 1: Story using 'Flash'- displayed within a customized 'player'. (autoplay)
  • Option 2: Story using 'Flash' –full window with no specialized player. (autoplay)
  • Option 3: Story using HTML5 (No specialized player- autoplay)
  • Option 4: Vocabulary (manual navigation- no audio) 'Flash' in a customized player.
  • Option 5: Vocabulary (manual navigation- no audio) 'Flash' full window - no player.
  • Option 6: Vocabulary (manual navigation- no audio) HTML5 (No specialized player).


Preview Audio using HTML5:

 Preview Audio using Flash:

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 Video No Video
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Web- Option 1 (see description)

Web- Option 2 (see description)

Web- Option 3 (see description)

Web- Option 4 (see description)

Web- Option 5 (see description)

Web- Option 6 (see description)

Credits: This version of the parable was written by James Baldwin. The audio track was narrated by "Clarica" and comes from Librivox. Vocabulary study sheet and the slide shows were constructed by Peter Schmitt. Flash sheet format was designed by Peter Schmitt.

Copyright status: Text by James Baldwin is in the Public Domain. Audio track by Clarica is in the Public Domain. Vocabulary sheet and slide show as well as the slide show of the story incorporate a variety of images. Some are Public Domain, others released through Creative Commons, and some were constructed from Microsoft Office clip art used in accordance with the corresponding S/W license. Usability of each of these parts is governed by restrictions/permission of the individual piece. The constructed whole of work contributed by Peter Schmitt is made available through Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Terms of use: All materials included here can be freely used. Integrated credit information is included as possible.

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