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(Page updated December 6, 2017)



Audio Kiosk Application- v3.13 r121514  (latest release)
File size: 68,525,087 bytes (~65.3 mb)
Status: Beta- has not yet undergone rigorous testing.
Platforms: Linux and Mac OS X

Installation: File is a self-extracting installation file.
    New Installation: check to make sure file has "execute" permission and then start the file. Follow prompts for installation.
User is prompted for an installation directory. A link "Kiosk" is placed in user's home directory (Linux) or desktop.
    Upgrade: Place file in user's home directory, or copy to a USB drive. From within Kiosk application (3.10 or later) go to the Advanced / Administrative Tasks menu and select Upgrade. Follow instructions.

(Further instructions on installation pending)

Release notes:
v3.13r121514- (Current Version)
  • Provides for display/management of up to 99 classes. (Previously no more than 9 classes could be handled)
  • Added error handling when updating Kiosk application from within the application. Now if an error occurs, it is clearly reported. This includes instances where there is a corrupt file that is determined by the checksum. Note that this new error handling will NOT be in place as this version is installed, because the update process will use the installer from the previous version.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a second instance of a message that showed variable names instead of values.
  • Download current version of the Kiosk

  • Streamlined display of files in Master-Files directory
  • Streamlined display of files on Student MP3 device
  • Changed logic for handling audio file writes: No longer uses temporary files to hold file lists.
  • Download this older version
    File size: 68,523,704 bytes (~65.3 mb)

v3.11 r110814-
  • Added repository directory to hold all files loaded via USB drive for local classes.
  • Added silent copy process to gather those audio files for local classes repository
  • Added capability through advanced menu to copy files from local classes repository to a class's current master file area.
  • Added utility to facilitate bulk update multiple student mp3 player devices of the "class".
  • Enabled functionality for quick combined creation of new classes and the "export" of those classes to USB drives. This is to aid program administrators who need to set up classes for teachers.
  • Added Macintosh-specific code to enable Linux-like messaging when scrolling large files. This has been implemented for the review of the GNU General Public License text both at installation/update and from the Advanced Administration menu. Mac users will now have the same "hints" available as other users.

Download current Kiosk version
Cloud Kiosk (v. 2.5 - 1.94 mb)
This is a version of Alberto Batella's excellent OpenSource Podcast Generator application. It has been modified to facilitate its use in an ESL classroom to provide an alternate distribution mechanism for audio and video files. This works well for students how have Podcast software on their SmartPhones.
Instructions for installation and use pending.
Podcast Generator

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ESL Audio Kiosk

This page will be updated soon

The ESL Audio Kiosk is a work in progress. The current version has undergone preliminary testing on both Linux and Mac OS/X.

If you have the opportunity to experiment with the application, please provide feedback.

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