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Developing Kiosk "Best Practices"
Thoughts, observations, and recommendations on "what works" and "danger zones"

(Page updated December 6, 2014)

Sharpen your tools

ESL Audio Kiosk practices

The ESL Audio Kiosk is a work in progress. As more teachers and programs get involved, there will be more information about experiences and how to build success.

(Sections below that do not have "links" are still under development)

Audio Content (updated 12/6/2014)

Effective Recorded Audio: In and Out of the Classroom

Finding audio content

Creating and editing audio content


Students, MP3 players, and SmartPhones

MP3 players vs. SmartPhones

"Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD)

Keep MP3 devices in your students' hands!

Player use as a teaching topic

Involving students in the process

Hardware notes

Kiosk hardware devices

Program supplied MP3 players

SmartPhones and their kin

Suggested Program Policies


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